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Conditions of participation in the X HWISS - July 21nd to August 4th 2011
Enrollment is very easy – participants are required to fulfill only couple of conditions:
* a sculptor working in wood, with the knowledge of creating sculptures in the open air
* a student of the University/ School of Applied Arts - Sculpture studio (the last year) working in wood, with a reference of her/his professor      

Written application (download – PDF file – 69 KB, online application) and appendices must be sent by 30th April 2011. It is required to send following appendices with the application (or no later than April 30th, 2011):

Documentation of woodworks:
* (Photos - size 10x15, catalogue, eventually a link to personal website)

* Sculpture sketch – trace in the scaling factor of 1:10
consent with the deed of gift (a deed of gift template is available for download: PDF file – 30KB), which confirms that the sculpture will become a possession of the city of Prostějov

Organization of the symposium grants a full compensation to selected authors:
sculptures will be made in National House exteriors and in the adjacent town park
* the material will be oak, ash, poplar
* accommodation, food, and material is guaranteed and funded by organizers and producers
* accommodation will be in a hotel, single room with shower and toilet, 200 meters from the workplace
* food will be ensured three times a day, 50 meters from the workplace
* each participant must have their personal tools and saw. High-lift track, pallets, jacks, saw sharpening and tools are ensured by the organization
* each participant covers their own transportation costs
* each participant will be awarded by 10 000 CZK after the sculpture is finished

Sculpture in wood, preferably vertically compounded, a free motif. The sculpture will be placed in suitable setting chosen by Prostějov town.  

Contact information:
Miroslav Švancara, 798 13 Vrbátky 179, Czech Republic, tel. +420 602 789 045, English language +420 728 290 213
www.sculpturesymposium.cz, svancara.m@volny.cz

February 2, 2011
Intended for the foreign partners, colleagues, interested person etc.


Transart Institute: Call For Applications

MFA Creative Practice - 2 year International low-residency program in Berlin and New York City
MFA Creative Practice
Application Deadline:
March 1, 2011
Transart Institute
Summer residency: July 23-August 12, Berlin, Germany
Winter residency: January 5–8, 2012, New York CIty

The MFA Creative Practice is a highly individualized postgraduate program for working artists, teachers and professionals in related fields who are seeking advancement in visual arts and new media. The innovative program consists of three intensive summer residencies with workshops, lectures, critiques, seminars, performances and exhibitions in Berlin and two winter residencies in New York City. In the four semesters between residencies, students create their own course of study realizing individual art and research projects with the support of faculty and self-chosen artist mentors wherever they work and live. The program is geared towards the development of a sustainable artistic praxis rather than training in certain media or genres, challenging students to think conceptually and work creatively in new ways. Current students work with animation, curating, digital media, film, gaming, graphic design, installation, painting, performance, photography, robotics, sculptu re, sound, text, video, virtual reality. More information can be found online: http://www.transartinstitute.org/Programs.html
A studio-based PhD program is in preparation and will start in the second half of 2011. For more information or to subscribe to upcoming news about a Transart Institute PhD program please contact: cella@transartinstitute.org
A certificate program is offered for artists who are not seeking a degree. Participants join MFA students in workshops, lectures and critiques and leave the residency with input on project plans for the year ahead. Artists attend the certificate program to get a creative surge, revitalize their practice, take their work in a new direction, get a fresh perspective on their work and to become part of an international community of artists, theorists and curators.
Summer Residencies are both milestones and resources, taking place at the beginning middle and end of the two year program. Residencies open with a thesis exhibition, performances and a public vernissage. Weeks one and three consist of studio workshops, week two focuses on cultural studies seminars, Fridays center on student presentations. In addition, guest lectures, artist and curator talks and critiques as well as individual meetings with faculty take place each week in order for students to plan, inform and finalize the coming year's project. http://www.transartinstitute.org/Summer_program.html
The focus is on presentations, critiques, feedback and the sharing of resources mid-way through studio and research projects. Students have the opportunity to experiment with presentation forms order to explore exhibition, performance and documentation possibilities in anticipation of the summer thesis exhibition. Guest artist talks, screenings and practical topical workshops complete the residency. This winter's schedule can be found in the calendar. http://www.transartinstitute.org/Winter_program.html
Transart faculty comes from a wide range of academic and artistic backgrounds as well as geographic locations. Current theoretical areas of expertise include software art, curatorial work, cyberfeminism, African diaspora, interface technologies, digital arts, continental philosophy, media, social studies in colonialism, capitalism and tourism, word and image relationships, and contemporary asian art history. Studio faculty include international artists working with sound, performance, dance and choreography, photography, drawing, sculpture, film and video, intervention and installation art. Details online: http://www.transartinstitute.org/Members.html
The majority of Transart students are emerging and mid-career artists and educators at tertiary institutions. Transart Institute's residencies are a meeting place for cultural exchange. Transart students and alumni will converge for the summer residency from areas as diverse as Italy, Egypt, Pakistan, Iceland, Croatia, Ethiopia, Canada, Costa Rica, the UK and the US.
For many students the time at Transart is a transformational experience. New York based artist Virgil Wong found "The community I've become a part of through Transart is already much more immersive than what I've developed in ten years of living and working as an artist in New York City". Photographer and performer Angelika Rinnhofer found that "to work independently can pose a challenge but it also offers freedom and flexibility. Since a large number of students are accomplished artists and earn a living, Transart's concept is ideal to work toward a degree and to expand one's artistic career in addition to having a job." For composer and artist David Dunn "perhaps the most important aspect of the program, to me personally, has been the realization of just how constrained my professional life can be. I have no lack of colleagues or opportunities to present my work but my network of association tends to reinforce a particular set of intellectual and aesthetic assumptions that become 'the' set of assumptions. Transart succeeds at prying apart some of those entrenched viewpoints to provide space for new ideas and concerns. The truly international makeup of the students and faculty reinforces this."
Early application deadline for guaranteed consideration is March 1st, 2011 with rolling admissions (pending availability of places and/or scholarships) until June 1, 2011. Applications can be submitted online: http://www.transartinstitute.org/Admissions.html
A number of partial scholarships (typically 10-25%) are given each year and will be announced separately as they become available.
For further information please contact Selina Heaton: info@transartinstitute.org
Cella, MFA,
Klaus Knoll, PhD
Directors, Transart Institute
Phone: (347) 410 9905, Fax: (508) 682 2853

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Explore boundaries in art and design at AKV|St.Joost

Bachelor and Master courses
Open day: Wednesday, February 9th2011,
10am - 9pm
AKV|St.Joost Masters
Beukenlaan 1
4834 CR Breda
+31(0)76 – 525 03 02

For many years, AKV|St.Joost – located in Breda and ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands - has produced top talents in art and design in Bachelor and Master courses: artists and designers who have made an impact on national and international professional practices. Do you want to explore your boundaries in one of our Master courses? Visit our academy on Wednesday February 9th 2011 in Breda. The academy is open from 10am until 9pm.
View on education
The central focus is on developing your talents. There are many different roles and functions within the professions. The educational programme is geared towards an optimal development of your specific talents, helping you to excel in the role that best fits you. This is achieved by working together with teachers, fellow students and by collaborating with partners outside the academy. This means that there is a lot of room for differentiation and for placing your own accents in the programme and career. All Master courses are located in Breda.
Fine Art
The Master course Fine Art aims to further broaden, enrich, and reflect upon functioning as an artist. For two years the course concentrates on the less self-evident aspects of being an artist. This group of students is multidisciplinary in nature, whereby each student operates from his or her own studio, supported by a common programme in which we try to explore art and being an artist as a non-homogeneous field of cultural practices. The curriculum emphasizes extra-disciplinary thinking, offers theoretical frameworks, and stimulates a reflective, critical attitude in relation to the art world and the personal oeuvre, which is repeatedly examined for its worth and meaning.
More information: Ad van Rosmalen, amg.vanrosmalen@avans.nl.
Graphic Design
The Master course Graphic Design focuses on teaching design methods, independent of medium or trends. The underlying idea is that graduates should be able to function on a strategic level where they can act as equal discussion partners of clients and thus take responsibility for a design from its strategy and concept development up to its execution. This Master course trains students in applying various design methods that correspond to different design contexts, after which they gradually focus on the context and design method of their choice.
More information: Ad van Rosmalen, amg.vanrosmalen@avans.nl.
The Master course Photography is unique: it is the only one of its kind in the Netherlands where you can study documentary photography on a Masters level for two years. The programme is a place for reflection on and debate about documentary photography. The documentary concept, which is an essential element of photography, is one of the main subjects of discussion and research in the programme. The focus is on new forms of documentary in the relatively autonomous contexts of the photo book, the exhibition, the film or the Internet project.
More information: Miriam Bestebreurtje, m.bestebreurtje@avans.nl.
Interior Architecture
Upon graduation, and combined with sufficient practical experience, the two-year Master course Interior Architecture gives graduates the right to register with the Dutch Architect’s Registry. This programme is offered in collaboration with the Fontys Academy for Architecture and Urban Planning (AAS) in Tilburg. The Master course Interior Architecture offers the opportunity of a broad orientation on the various specialist professional options and enables students to specialize individually.
More information: Grazyna Mielech, gt.mielech@avans.nl.
The Master course Animation is a one-year programme, which focuses on the broad role of animation within the contexts of media, art, design, games and science. In these professional contexts is a growing demand for not just specialized technicians but mainly for knowledge and innovation of these areas of application through new design questions, production methods and narrative strategies.
More information: René Bosma, r.bosma@avans.nl.
More information or an appointment for application:
AKV|St.Joost Masters

Beukenlaan 1
4834 CR Breda
t: +31(0)76 – 525 03 02
e: info.akvstjoost@avans.nl
i: http://www.akv.stjoost.nl

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California Institute of the Arts (CalArts)

CalArts School of Critical Studies: Call for Applications

MFA in Writing and
MA in Aesthetics and Politics
CalArts.edu The School of Critical Studies at CalArts is currently accepting applications for Fall 2011 admission to its MFA program in Writing and its MA program in Aesthetics and Politics. CalArts brings together internationally recognized writers, poets, scholars and thinkers working in both new and traditional forms across a wide variety of disciplines, extending from narrative fiction, performance and multimedia to cultural criticism and political theory.
MA Program in Aesthetics and Politics – The Aesthetics and Politics program offers a one-year degree that focuses on the multiplicity of ways in which the aesthetic and the political intertwine: from political art, to the aestheticization of politics, to phenomenological, poststructuralist, feminist, and postcolonial theories of culture, politics, and society.
In his essay on the work of art in the age of technical reproducibility, Walter Benjamin’s exploration of the relation between aesthetics and politics is limited by fascism on the one hand, and communism on the other. But surely there are other ways to think the connection between aesthetics and politics—not just in the past, but especially today, and with a focus on the future? Contemporary thinkers such as Claude Lefort, Maurice Merleau-Ponty, Jacques Derrida, Gilles Deleuze, Michel Foucault, Bernard Stiegler, Giorgio Agamben, Catherine Malabou, Bonnie Honig, Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak, and especially Hannah Arendt and Jacques Rancière, have been exploring what new potentialities for politics the aesthetic might hold. The MA Program in Aesthetics and Politics provides a site for such exploration, since it facilitates theoretical debate in the different fields of research that these thinkers represent. Though the MA program is not a studio program, it should be of parti cular interest to artists seeking to deepen the theoretical and political elements of their art; and to BA/BFA/MFA graduates who are planning to pursue a scholarly career.
MFA Program in Writing – While no one would today teach the visual and performative arts as if Abstraction, Surrealism, Dada, Feminist Art, Fluxus, Body Art, Pop, Minimalism, Conceptualism, Post-Colonialism, and Deconstruction had never occurred, this is precisely what happens in many writing programs; it is as if writing had simply stopped developing a century ago. But this is not the case. For this reason the CalArts Writing Program fosters a critical awareness of modern literary history and its contexts, alongside a focus on students’ own writing.
The program should be of particular interest to writers seeking to broaden their range of textual methods, and develop their understanding of the historical, conceptual and social contexts of contemporary writing and its histories. The Program is non-tracking, and all faculty have multi-disciplinary practices, with experience in publishing, editing, reviewing, criticism, scholarship, collaboration and translation. Students are encouraged to explore multiple genres and modes, including, the novel and short story, micro-fictions, prose poetry, lyric poetry, assemblage and found poetry, sound poetry, critical essays, lyric essays, reviews, and hybrid compositions of all kinds.
Financial aid packages for both programs are available in the form of scholarships, grants, research assistantships, and teaching assistantships.
For more information visit our website: CalArts.edu
Apply to CalArts
Portfolio Guidelines
Visiting Writers Series
Visiting Lectures Series

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